Be Patient And They Will Die

A closeup of Arizona bark scorpion on a rock with babies, blurred background

Scorpions that run your perimeter walls every night are normal. We like when scorpions come out, sit on your block walls and take in our dried residual product. This guy died where he sat probably within a few hours or so.

This is at a customer home we have been servicing for just a month so far. When Eric came back for the next month’s service, he found this guy dead where he sat. The customer had a bad scorpion infestation in and around her home.
When you see scorpions on your wall or in grasses, trees, and shrubs after being serviced that’s normal for them: we want them to sit on our dried residual or granular that’s activated by water and moisture that is layered with our 3-Zone Pest Management System all around your property. Why? Because we know the longer they take in our products the sooner they will go away.

Spiders, ants, crickets, and other AZ pests as well will be dead even sooner than the scorpion.

The moral of the above story is to let our products do their job and they will kill and control with monthly pest control. Be patient and they will die.