Brown Recluse vs. Wolf Spider and How to know the Difference

A wolf spider (Pardosa amentata) crawling

Here in Arizona, we have 27 various spider species.  The most 2 that are confused are the Brown Recluse and Wolf Spider.  

Brown Recluse vs. Wolf Spider and how to know the difference

Not sure if you are seeing a Wolf Spider or a Brown Recluse?  Call Scorpion King Exterminating for service.  Below is some information on how to identify by size and characteristics.  

Size difference

Wolf Spiders are shockingly large and can grow up to an inch and a quarter.

Brown Recluse can be a nickel to a quarter size

Appearance and key characteristics to identify

Wolf Spider’s appearance is hairy or kinda furry, the color has patterns of multicolor, and on its back has 2 stripes on the upper body.

Brown Recluse’s appearance has smooth body parts, color can be one color either brown, light brown, or black, and a very distinguishable violin-shaped pattern on its upper body part.

Dangers of each spider

Wolf Spiders have venom but it is not deadly.  Wolf Spiders, though they look formidable, are not dangerous.  If you provoke a Wolf Spider he may jump/leap toward you. They will eat other pests out in your yard.  

The Brown Recluse is the most dangerous of spiders in the U.S. If bitten it will be very painful and deadly. Their bites can cause flesh necrosis in the very very old and young.