Ant Control

Ant control typically involves the inspection, identification, and targeted treatment of ant infestations in homes or businesses. Professional pest control technicians assess the extent of the ant problem, locate nests or entry points, and then use a combination of baiting, spraying for effectiveness. Ants are one of the top nuisance pests in Phoenix, Arizona. With numerous species in the area, effective ant control is crucial. Ants can invade your home or business by bridging over plants, trees, and objects left against buildings. Ant colonies can range from thousands to millions of ants, making professional ant control essential.

Expert Ant Control Solutions

At Scorpion King Exterminating, we provide comprehensive ant control solutions tailored to your needs. Our highly trained technicians inspect your property, identify entry points, and recommend exclusion methods. We use baits, non-repellents, or a combination of both to eliminate ant colonies effectively.

Causes of Ant Infestations

Ant infestations are often caused by the presence of food. Ants invade homes in search of food sources, entering through cracks and crevices. Different species are attracted to various types of food, making it essential to address the specific ant problem at hand.

Treatment Methods

Our treatment process begins with identifying the food source and stopping access to it. We then locate ant trails leading to the colony and use the following methods:

  • Baits: Attract ants to take bait back to the colony, spreading it to other ants and the queen, ultimately eliminating the colony.
  • Non-repellents: Ants carry the product back to the colony, where it spreads and eliminates the queen and other ants.

Prevention Tips

To prevent ant infestations, keep food sealed in airtight containers and clean up crumbs and spills. Seal cracks and crevices around your home, and trim landscaping to prevent ants from entering. Regular professional pest control can also help maintain a pest-free environment.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

At Scorpion King Exterminating, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you need additional service between scheduled treatments, we will return and service your home at no extra cost. Our goal is to keep your home ant-free.

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For expert ant control in Phoenix, AZ, contact Scorpion King Exterminating today. Our professional team is ready to help you eliminate ant infestations and maintain a pest-free environment.

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