Rodent Control

Rodent control involves a range of methods aimed at reducing or eliminating populations of rodents, such as rats and mice, to prevent entry to home and damage they cause to property and the transmission of diseases. Identification, Inspection, trapping, monitoring are all rodent control methods. We conduct a full interior and exterior inspection of your home or business, so we can locate tell-tale signs such as droppings, urine, rub marks, and footprints in dusty areas. Once completed, we will provide a complete method of abatement and removal from your home or business. We can also provide exterior rodent abatement and monitoring should they be living in your yard or nearby.

Rodent Control Services

We have successfully cleared many rodents from residential, commercial, and office properties in the Phoenix area. We utilize a state-of-the-art method that allows us to monitor rodent activity in your attic 24/7. We know before you do when we've trapped a rat or mouse in your home. Once trapped, our office will call you to set up an appointment. On appointment day, we can come to remove the dead rodent and reset traps and attractants before they begin to decay.

Why Choose Scorpion King Exterminating?

We provide detailed completed services which advise you of progress every step of the way. We also offer exclusions to seal out rodents. Our various methods for interior and exterior rodent services ensure comprehensive protection for your Phoenix home or business.

Rodent Inspection and Monitoring

Our service begins with a thorough inspection to identify rodent activity and entry points. We then implement effective abatement and monitoring solutions to ensure your property remains rodent-free. Trust Scorpion King Exterminating for reliable rodent control in Phoenix, AZ.

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