Underground Rodents

Got Gophers or other underground rodents?  Scorpion King Exterminating knows the behaviors of all underground rodents. Gophers are prevalent here in Arizona and are known to destroy HOA properties, gardens, grass, shrubs, and flower gardens. They also chew irrigation lines and create large, unsightly dirt mounds. Horse properties with gophers invading can also create safety issues for the horses.  Let Scorpion King Exterminating protect your property from Gophers with our expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment which kills them underground where they live 99% of the time as gophers never go far from their exit tunnel.

Our state-of-the-art equipment will kill them underground where they live, sleep, eat and breed.  Our underground rodent service can also work with ground squirrels and pack rats as well.  Pack rats and ground squirrels are also nuisance pests that make smaller unsightly holes in your property, so these particular rodents do not live underground all the time as gophers do.  They will burrow underground and leave the tunnel for extended periods of time. Our full and detailed inspection will determine the type of underground rodent you're experiencing.

Gopher Peaking Out of Hole
Burrow RX best solution for burrowing pests

Our Gopher RX will kill gophers underground reducing gopher populations. This state-of-the-art machine has helped us control gophers on many smaller and larger properties. We have a monthly service for larger irrigation properties and smaller packages for average-size properties.  Call to set up an inspection and quote. We have many satisfied customers.

For service please call for inspection and quote.

For service please call for inspection and quote.  We provide set pricing for average to large properties up to 6 gopher holes or 10 gopher holes.  For larger 1 acre or more properties, we can quote for a monthly service which includes weekly inspections and services. We provide you with a Summary of Completed Service on progress made on all our visits to keep you up to date with gopher activity.   Call us today for an inspection and quote.

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