Home Pest Seal Service for your Arizona home

bark scorpion

One of the best ways to limit unwanted intrusions by Bark Scorpions, insects, rodents, and other pests is to deny them entry — a procedure known as pest proofing or Home Pest Seal. Many pests seek refuge in homes, garages, attics, and other areas of your home in response to their own pest behaviors, changes in weather, such as extended periods of rain or drought, or the onset of cooler temperatures in winter. Arizona weather is mostly warm during the winter days, then can fall into the 30s and 40s in late winter. In the summer scorpions seek dark places to hide from the sun. Taking steps to block their entry before they end up inside can greatly reduce the chances of future sightings, during the colder nights scorpions will hibernate in warm places in and around your home. They may be less active than Summer, but that will not stop Bark Scorpions from moving from point A to B. Hibernation basically just means they do not eat or drink during this short hibernation period. They do not migrate away from Arizona they just will hide in dark, warm, or cool (depending on the season), or even damp places.

Scorpion King Exterminating will conduct a full detailed inspection of your home and note areas we see are open for scorpions and other pests. These areas include your roof line, J-trim area where the house meets the foundation, exterior and interior pipe entry points, plumbing caps, AC entry lines, electric boxes, outlets, gaps or rips in screens, and 1st-floor roof vents. The J-Trim area will gradually open over the settling of the home over time. Scorpions like to hide in these areas to stay out of the sun during the day. This is just another way they land up behind your walls. As far as property maintenance we may make recommendations to cut trees or shrubs back which are overgrown on your property and too close to the home. Keeping a tidy and manicured yard can greatly avoid harboring areas for scorpions and other insects or rodents. Debris on your property such as wood piles, leaves, grass trimmings, cinder blocks, or any construction debris is a great hiding place for spiders, bark scorpions, crickets, cockroaches, and ants. Never underestimate where a pest will hide or get into. Giving pests places to hide means they may not ever come in contact with targeted pest control treated areas. Any tree overgrown too close to your home, or shrub against the home is a ladder into your home, and again pests may not come in contact with pest control products if they can climb through these areas onto your home. Once in your home Bark Scorpions and other pests can climb and find ways into your home or attic. Bark Scorpions are the only scorpion that can climb and are geotaxis (crawl upside down).

If you do not have pest control with Scorpion King Exterminating then consider applying an exterior (barrier) treatment with insecticides. While sealing is the more permanent way to exclude pests originating from outdoors, comprehensive pest-proofing is labor-intensive which is why so many hire Scorpion King Exterminating for their Home Pest Seal and recurring pest control service. For clients requiring an alternative, pest proofing can be supplemented by an exterior treatment with an insecticide. Here in Arizona pests are a concern for pests all year round.

Whether it’s scorpions, rats, mice, or other formidable pests we have the professionalism, intense knowledge, and expertise for any pest you want to get control of. Contact Scorpion King Exterminating for more information or to set up an appointment for a thorough Home Pest Seal inspection quote.

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