New Build home and pests problems

new home construction

Are you in new home construction and seeing Firebrats/Silverfish and other pests in and around your home?

We often believe a new home has no pests. As professionals in the pest control industry, we have seen pests that hide in the construction material delivered to construction sites. Much of the material sits outside or in the open, covered maybe, but that does not stop pests and rodents from trying to hide inside of it. Sometimes it sits a long time before it is needed for the construction of the home it’s intended for. Once they begin building and securing the material in your new build they could be sealing in those pests inside the insulation or wood. Fire rats/silverfish are the same insect order and just look different in color. Your new home is being built on a property that was desert or farmland. Also, equipment that sits for a while on the site can be a harborage for rodents and wildlife. What you’re seeing inside your new home could be what was hiding inside the material, and is trying to find its way out or possibly some type of pest getting in from the outdoors through cracks or gaps. Most new build garage doors have gaps and openings. Be sure to inspect for light coming into the doorways/garage when in the closed position.

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