Question on “Should we get a cat for Scorpions”

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We have been asked many times…
“Should I get a cat to rid my Scorpions

There seems to be a myth out there that cats are immune to scorpion stings. It is not true! What is true: cats can see scorpions more readily than humans can, and they are more agile than us. Cats are not immune they just have thicker skin and combined with their hair getting stung may not happen easily, and keeping in mind a scorpion stinger is not very long. This is not to say they cannot get stung.

If a Scorpion does happen to sting, it May first inject a PRE-VENOM which is designed to be painful, but it’s harmless. This helps the scorpion from wasting the real thing when they truly need it. Some may be lucky enough to get this pre-venom and will say “the sting was not bad” This is because the scorpion may not have felt truly threatened, but gave a warning.

If threatened, a scorpion will give you a potent sting. An example is if you stepped on a scorpion. You can bet they will deliver a good dose of their venom; a cat would not accidentally step on the scorpion, so would not have the same impact that a human would.

Cats will not stop scorpions from finding a way in, but they may see them more quickly than the human eye. They may alert you to something roaming around if any.

With all this answered we are not saying or recommending you get a cat unless you like them for pets.

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