Solpugid: The Enemy of My Enemy

close up of camel spider

This is a Solpugid – aka the sun spider, camel spider.

Solpugids are found here in desert areas and foothill areas. They don’t have venom, but they have mandibles that can put a hurting on you. Their mandibles are like scissors! They can get very large and can become aggressive if they sense fear. Their enemy is the Scorpion – that saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” applies here. But, do you really want this around your home? I will be honest and say they are not easy to kill.

We can strategically place glue boards in monitoring devices in garages, behind furniture – if they are getting into your home. Putting glue boards outside will only collect dust and debris and become useless. Scorpions are easier to kill with consistent pest control methods, but this guy is super fast so very difficult to kill. We can use glue boards inside garages behind furniture to try and capture them. They don’t prey on humans, but if they are startled, and you do not know they are next to you they will almost certainly attack.