Termite Control

Termite control involves a range of techniques aimed at managing and preventing termite infestations in residential and commercial structures. This includes annual inspections. Measures of treatment are soil treatment using termiticides and active warranty for prevention. Trying to find the best company for inspection and elimination of termites in Phoenix, AZ, can be trying, but Scorpion King Exterminating is up for the task. We get it done right without any shortcuts! Whether it's for your residential home or commercial business, from inspection to elimination, we've got you covered.

Arizona Termite Control Services

Free Termite Home Inspection

We perform preventative inspections, handle active colony infestations, and provide termite inspections required by banks for home sales in the Phoenix area. Our service and protection plans are tailored to your home's construction type, ensuring the job is done right.

Types of Termites in Arizona

In the East Valley, we mainly see subterranean termites, but drywood and dampwood termites are also present. These pests are among the most destructive as they often go undetected until significant damage is done. A professional inspection by Scorpion King Exterminating is crucial to start eliminating termite colonies.

Identifying Termite Activity

Subterranean termites need ground contact for moisture, while drywood termites do not and can survive without it. Dampwood termites might look like sawdust, but only a professional inspection can identify them correctly. Mud tubes are common indicators of subterranean termites, connecting soil colonies to food sources attached to structures.

Understanding Termite Life Cycles

Termites undergo incomplete metamorphosis, starting as eggs and progressing through nymph and adult stages. Workers, soldiers, and reproductive termites have distinct roles within the colony. Understanding these roles and behaviors is essential for effective termite control in Phoenix, AZ.

Effective Termite Treatments

Termites need food, moisture, and shelter to survive, which your property provides. Subterranean termites build underground networks, while drywood termites live within the wood they consume. Our treatments start at $395 and include a one-year renewable warranty. We offer highly efficient products with automatic 2-year warranties to protect your Phoenix home.

Why Choose Scorpion King Exterminating?

With over 40 years of service in the industry, we understand termites and all pests. Our ACE-certified entomologists ensure expert handling of termite issues. Trust and effective service are our missions, dedicated to providing the best protection for your home or business in Phoenix, AZ.

Subterranean termites infesting house

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