The Question: to stop pest control in the winter… or keep it?

Watson Lake in Prescott Arizona


A very common myth is that scorpions just suddenly go away during the winter here in Arizona. Not true! Scorpions are indigenous to our Arizona territory – this is where they live.

What is true is they like to go into hibernation in the winter when it is warm, and usually, the warmest place is your home. Scorpions feel for warmth just as they feel for coolness, warmth, and moisture depending on the season. Scorpions are great crawlers. They can crawl on the exterior of your home and crawl into your attic vents, or make their way into your home and find a warm dark spot in any crevice, behind furniture, shoes, or unsealed baseboards in your home. They only need 1/16 of an inch to make their way in.

”Help the scorpions are falling on me from the vent” or “Scorpions are in my upstairs bathroom”. Yes, every spring we hear it mostly with those who had no pest control. The question of whether I should stop pest control here in Arizona for the winter or not begins to surface. We recommend no. Stay consistent you will be more at ease when they become more active. Decreasing the number of scorpions is what Scorpion Controls is all about.

Scorpion Facts:
Scorpions can go without water and food during the winter for a couple of months. As soon as they feel the ambient temperature begins to get hot in the attic or where ever they are hibernating.
When your house gets cool from the air conditioning they will make their way around your home. When the time comes to put on your air conditioning the scorpions that may be in your attic, hibernating in your baseboards, or behind furniture will seek them and look to make their way out of hibernation. This is why you hear of people saying the scorpion fell from the vent, or they found them upstairs in baths or hallways. It does happen and that is why we suggest keeping that continuous barrier up through the winter. At least they will come in contact with the product, and once they do get into your attic or crawl through a crack or crevice into your home for the winter they will die where they land up hibernating.

**Ask about our seasonal attic fogging for a quick knockdown effect.**

Why are Scorpions more resilient than their food source types of pests?

Unlike their food source type of pests, Scorpions do not do thorough grooming and ingesting of products they crawl over. This is mainly due to their anatomy. Their mouth part is on top of their head and they have bulky pedipalps. It’s awkward for them to do a full grooming due to their awkward body parts. It can take a scorpion 4 to 16 hours to die once they sit on the dried residual we placed. The Scorpion does not do a full grooming. Since the exoskeleton of the scorpion is much like a thick and hard waxy shell, it takes a little longer for the products to penetrate the layers of this exoskeleton. Once they do get enough products penetrated, the scorpion will go through neurotoxicity and begin to slowly die from the products they come across on your property and the environment. It can take a scorpion 4 to 72 hours to slowly die off. Our products are very effective due to our large targeting strategically placed on your property.

Here at Scorpion King Exterminating your home is treated with a backpack power sprayer that distributes the same amount of pressure as the big truck rigs. We do not need to drag hoses throughout your property, and we can get farther into larger properties with our backpack power sprayer. We treat the foundation, exterior, and perimeter walls on your property. If scorpions TRY to get into your warm home to hibernate trust they will die shortly after. The products are applied safely, and Eric knows where to spray for the best efficient treatment of scorpions, and other pests that can get into your home. We do not stop there, Eric will also granulate and bait your property in conducive areas, such as shrubs, trees, and grassy areas, which is extra protection.

Keep that exterior barrier going all year through for that constant kill and control. Spring does not have to come with the surprise of scorpions coming out of the crevices.
Our products will control scorpions, as well as other pests. We do not charge more for Scorpion Control, we specialize in the extermination of all pests. Our 3 Zone System covers them all with each and every monthly service.

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