little black bugs close up

Chinch Bugs naturally exist in our environment here in Arizona. If you or others in your neighborhood have grass in front or back yards, they may be resting and reproducing deep in the moist thatch of your healthy lawn. The thatch is near the soil surface. Keeping the grass watered daily can prevent Chinch bugs from destroying your yard. If the grass becomes dry and stressed, then it will cause them to move up into the blades to suck out the moisture. Chinch Bugs leave a toxin that keeps any water from going through the blades for nourishment. Quickly the grass looks dead.

Some people do not have grass, yet have chinch bugs on their property and land up in their homes. Chinch bugs are short fliers and will land and rest on neighboring shrubs. We can treat the Chinch bugs with a combination of Imidacloprid and a permethrin product. With proper identification, we can treat Chinch bugs.

In the summer, a couple of critical things to note:

  1. Keep the lawn watered daily enough, so it does not become dry.
  2. In summer, raise the mower by one blade in the summer – leaving the grass longer. This extra foliage will make your grass perform more efficiently and help to hold moisture longer. Overwatering can cause other problems, so keep assessing your lawn for the best balance. We can treat your property and shrubs for them.

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