Why is Service Agreement important?

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Mainly because a Service Agreement keeps our company accountable to be at your home depending on when you would like service. An example would be Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly. It also locks in your price for the particular time frame of the Service Agreement. It keeps it friendly. If you have a monthly Service Agreement in place and at some point decide you want to change it to bi-monthly (every other month) we would change the agreement to read such and quote you the bi-monthly price for your home. We at Scorpion King Exterminating feel that the service agreement keeps the service friendly so you will know when we are on your property, and will also keep your price locked in for the year. Thanks for giving us your business.

Service Agreement is your friend

A Service Agreement is recommended and never to be confused with a contract. We value you as a loyal customer and our continued thanks to you all.

If you want a One-Time Service there is a One-Time price for this as well without a Service Agreement and a price for a One-time as well for your square footage home.