Shielding Your Home from Subterranean Termite Attack!

Termites eat wooden planks. Damage of a wooden house from termites

Hey there, Arizona neighbors! Ever wondered about those sneaky critters hiding beneath your home’s surface? You guessed it – subterranean termites! These little guys might be tiny, but their appetite for destruction is huge. But don’t fret; we’ve got your back. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey to understand and prevent termite infestations.

Picture this: a peaceful Arizona day, the sun shining, and you sipping on some iced tea.  All is great on the outside, but beneath that serene surface of your home lies a potential threat – subterranean termites eating away 24-7 to your home’s structure.  We’re diving into the nitty-gritty of how you can defend and understand the importance of protecting your home – your financial investment from these hidden invaders. So, let’s get started!

Understanding Subterranean Termites

First things first, let’s meet the enemy. Subterranean termites are the ninjas of the pest world, silently wreaking havoc below ground. Knowing your enemy is half the battle, right? We’ll help you identify these tiny terrors, understand their habits, and even get into the gossip about their life cycle if you’re into Entomology and all our knowledge about termites. These tiny termites can cause damage extensively over time if let go.  The term out of sight and out of mind is what most tend to fall into.  I am not seeing termite evidence, so I must not have them.  Not true.  Plenty of inspection show no evidence on the exterior of foundation, but when we get deep into our inspection on the interior, we can begin seeing things you may not have seen.  We will even show you the evidence and explain how and why and necessary treatments.

Creating a Termite-Resistant Landscape can be helpful but may not stop them landing inside your home’s walls.  Again, we focus on preventatives, but the best preventative is to have a preventative treatment completed for your home or business. Termites swarm and where they land no one knows, but they will eventually make their way to your home foundations or find a crack in the interior foundations somehow.

Alright, let’s talk landscaping. Did you know that your garden could be an open invitation for termites to party? Wood chips are a hard pass on gardens placed directly in the ground and against your home foundations, as well as shrubs with irrigation against the home is never a good idea.  Consider any irrigated plants 5 or more feet away from the home foundation when planning on placing shrubs or possibly relocating them away from the home structure.

If you are a gardener – Above ground gardens are like the superheroes of this tale. Elevating your greenery can be a game-changer in termite prevention. Termites love chomping on anything wooden, and above ground gardens with metal or concrete containers not only look stylish but also act as an impenetrable fortress against these tiny invaders.

Here are some expert yet, easy steps to create an above-ground garden that thrives in Arizona’s climate: 

Choose the Right Containers: Opt for durable materials like galvanized steel or concrete.  We recommend containers with good drainage to combat Arizona’s dry heat. Keep these raised up and away from your home foundations.

Use Quality Potting Mix: Invest in a well-draining potting mix suitable for arid climates. 

Water Wisely: In the desert, it’s all about smart watering with a deep soak when needed but allowing the soil to dry out between waterings to discourage termites and other moisture loving arachnids, such as scorpions!

Place Strategically: Position your containers strategically to maximize sunlight and airflow. We recommend a bit of afternoon shade to protect your plants from the scorching Arizona sun.

Regular Inspections: Detecting Early Signs of Infestation

Time to put on our professional pest control detective hat! We’ll guide you through the importance of professional inspections and spotting those termite swarmers. Catching these invaders early is like stopping them at the front gate before they throw a housewarming party in your walls. We fully understand anatomy, behaviors of various termites, what each termites job is within the colony, as well as, the full understanding of the technology of the products we choose to use and why we know they work!

Effective Termite Treatment Options

So, the worst has happened. Termites have invaded. You were not pro-active and had taken annual inspections and preventative services with options for an annual paid warranty.   Preventative is a necessary life insurance policy to protect your home investment from severe structural damage.  Fear not! We’re talking about professional extermination and eco-friendly approaches. No need to grab a magnifying glass and play DIY exterminator; let us— the experts handle it. We got this for you.

Post-Infestation Repairs: Restoring Your Home

If you are renovating or planning on a new bathroom when walls and plumbing are exposed call us…this is an opportune time to have this area treated as an add-on and should you already have the exterior under warranty. We can come and inspect and give you options to keep new wood and open plumbing treated to avoid termites from invading this area.  New wood introduced into the renovation and consider calling us to have a Bora-Care wood treatment, as well as a full inspection of your home during renovation.

Community Awareness and Collaboration and using the best termite products do get the job done right the first time

Being a hero in your community involves spreading the word. Encourage your neighbors to jump on the termite prevention bandwagon. We are here to rid these infestations of termites, or prevent them, and never to just repel them, that would be sending them to just another part of the house. We use only the best termiticides. Why? Because we want to kill off the colony the first time. Are there termiticides that will repel?  Yes, but that will just send that current infestation packing to another part of the house and never away from your home. You see now how important it is to know what product the company you choose is using and is transparent about using? Ask questions and expect expert answers.  We do not use repellants, only non-repellants, and we are big fans of Termidor HE (High Efficiency), Termidor SC and its generic form Taurus SC, and a few others.  We are very transparent and up-front with the termiticides we use and know to work.  Termidor HE comes with an automatic longer warranty, the other products mentioned are a one year warranty. Why do we not use termiticide repellent products?  A non-repellent termiticide will be the perfect solution for a tougher problem for termites. This is because a non-repellent has the technology ability to be carried away by the termite back to the nest where the actual colony and problem is located. Using a non-repellent the termites will not change behaviors and continue to work as usual not even knowing they are transmitting the products to each other and killing off the colony.  Repellent products will work to kill the colony, but in doing so, it is easy for the colony to see the disturbance in the colony a lot quicker and they will detect it and avoid it by moving to another location of the structure, and possibly pushing the infestation deeping into the home.  Repellents  can be used if and when you have the expertise to know when to use them. Using a repellent termiticide in exposed target areas, such as outside wooden furniture, pre construction.  One more disadvantage of using a repellent for termites is where the nest /colony are and not necessarily at the visible locations. It may kill that part of the colony, but not necessarily resolve the problem if the main nest and colony are in a deeper location of the structure. Again, a seasoned professional will know when to use a repellent and non repellent and why. Ask questions and expect these answers.


There you have it, Arizona buddies! Consider and get ready to defend your home from subterranean termite attacks. Remember, knowledge is power, and in this case, it’s the power to keep your home termite-free. Stay vigilant, follow our tips, ask questions and we will answer them as professionals and Entomologists can only answer. Schedule a termite inspection with us, consider preventative, or get the active termite infestation annihilated, and let’s make Arizona a SHORT-fly zone for these pesky invaders! 

Cheers to a termite-free zone! Your expert friends at Scorpion King Exterminating