It’s raining outside – should I cancel my pest control?

dark storm rainy clouds

Not recommended.

First, you have to think like a Scorpion or other pest.

When there is rain, many people think pest control treatments will be washed up with the rain, so they reschedule for another day.

The truth is No – Keep in mind it’s usually dry around the windows, door frames, and cracks where we spray. You will need something there. Scorpions and other pests come out from the ground when it rains and the first place they head is to higher dryer areas – like your doorways and areas that stay dry. Also, rain can soften the soil, which helps to draw insects out and that is why we use GRANULES around the home, in shrubs, and grasses when it rains. The granular activates with moisture and continually gives control. Scorpions and pests will come out more with the rain, and you will be needing something there to control them.

If heavier downpours of rain are a constant count on us calling you and postponing your service. We watch the radar and we see what rain is coming in all the regions we service. We will know when it’s time to postpone due to the constant heavy rain. Trust in our expertise – we know if it is safe and okay to treat your property when it rains.