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They are ugly, gross, some even fly – yes fly! Inhale/Exhale…breath easy. We can help.

These formidable pests carry diseases, and even if you see one trust me they have friends and family somewhere hiding. If left untreated you will have an infestation in your home. The cleanest of homes can get them. Roaches can hitch rides from the outside right into your home. Stories are heard of people buying used furniture, bringing it home and months later having a roach infestation. Also, elements outside the home will keep them around. They are also scorpion food!!

It can happen to anyone. So the big question would be if I have a cockroach problem what can I do? First, call us – Scorpion King Exterminating – website
Keep your home clean, do not leave crumbs on counters and on floors, store food in sealed containers, do not leave clutter, food wrappers, or soda cans open and around, and don’t let your home be their oasis. What we have described is on the inside of your home, but you need to keep your outside free of garbage and debris, as well. Outside elements can bring them onto your property, and if your home has conducive conditions such as gaps, openings, moisture, garbage, etc., trust me they will find their way in. We have lots of them right here in Arizona. Monthly or bi-monthly treatments will kill outside cockroaches and control them if you’re consistent with your exterminating/pest control treatments.

So, if you can imagine them wearing sunglasses, lounging in a sun chair next to a spill of soda on a table, and nibbling on a potato chip crumb or cookie crumb… they are literally on vacation in your very own home, and you will need to strike back quick! Call us here at Scorpion King Exterminating, so we can cut their stay in your home short.

Scorpion King Exterminating is exceptionally experienced in all phases of pest extermination and control, as well as, cockroach infestations and clean-outs. Eric has been doing this a long time, and he knows when only bait should be used, or when you need something more to eradicate those nasty cockroaches. There are a few methods to use depending on how small or large the cockroach problem is. Eric will do a FULL inspection (look for underlying causes, instruct you further on what can be done, and after a full inspection determine what species of cockroaches you’re having in your home. German Cockroaches are the most difficult to kill and control. Some roach issues need a few services and continued monthly servicing to keep the problem under control. Why? Because it is the most common household and commercial roach encountered of the house-infesting species in the U.S. It is the most persistent and difficult to manage. A few reasons are that it has a larger number of eggs per capsule than any other roach species. It also has the shortest period to develop from hatching to maturity, so you can understand how the population can build so much faster than other species. There are a few other biological factors, and long in detail to list.

Any exterminating person should know and ID the particular cockroach you are experiencing in order to know how to treat it. So understanding basic cockroach biology and behavior is important and essential to the professional who attempts to manage cockroaches.

So, now that we have given you the information, and you are seeing activity then please give us a call, and it is best not to attempt infestation on your own. Give us a chance so the pests don’t have one.

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