Brown cricket isolated on white

You may be seeing Crickets in your home or business

Crickets are a dark-colored insect with a long antenna that jumps, eats plants, and makes a chirping sound by rubbing together their forewings. An example of a cricket is the insect that creates the chirping noise heard in rural areas at night. Crickets are not harmful or dangerous they are just nuisance pests and with their ‘concerts’ at night you can hear them. Crickets can become an issue if they eventually find a way into your home. They can damage clothing and rugs in your home. The cricket can eat small pesky insects such as scale and aphids and love to eat weed seeds. Crickets love moisture, and 2021 has brought much moisture to Arizona this year. Due to this moisture, an influx of crickets invaded homes and yards, but we quickly moved in and they were quickly dying.

  • Here are some things you can do on your property to reduce the crickets of the cricket population on your property. If that is not enough contact Scorpion King Exterminating for professional assistance.
  • Keep your property cleaned and manicured – weeds should be removed
  • Any leaf piles or any type of debris should be cleaned up
  • Outside lighting the more yellow the better – white light will attract many*
  • No standing water outside this will bring them close to your home – Crickets love humidity

*If finding them inside the home be sure to vacuum all flooring and close to clean up any eggs inside the home